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Berlin Tech Workers Coalition is a landing page for tech workers looking to organise their workplace. Whether it is through Works Councils (Betriebsräte), union campaigns for higher wages, or broader struggles against racism and gentrification, we are here to support you! Tech Won’t Save Us...Organise! ✊ We are the largest English speaking network of Works Councils, tech workers and trade union members supporting each other in different tech companies like Soundcloud, Contentful, ShareNow, Amazon, SumUp, N26, TikTok and maybe your company!

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We understand accessibility in a broad sense and strive to do better. We try to host meetings that are wheelchair accessible, smoke free, short(er) and provide child care. We provide information on the meeting location, including a description of the entrance, lighting and sounds, and policy around companion and service dogs beforehand so that participants can best plan for their visit. If you have feedback or questions regarding the accessibility of our meetings or initiatives, please get in touch at accessibility@TechWorkersBerlin.com.

Code of Conduct

All meetings and communications are covered under the Berlin Code of Conduct. The privacy and safety of our members is important to us. Sharing the identity of members and or taking/sharing photos are strictly forbidden unless express consent is given.