18:30 Saturday, 30 May 2020

Corona Update

The conference #EvictedByGreed, was originally scheduled to take place on March 27-28 and instead will take place online May 29-30, 2020. More information how to attend forthcoming.

Disruption Network Lab – Evicted By Greed

β€œβ€¦an unlikely coalition of anti-gentrification activists, artists, labour organisers, and tech workers have been mobilising together to fight the Amazon tower that is to be completed in 2023 in the area of Berlin-Friedrichshain. Due to property tech speculation, and tech entry into real estate market, Berlin has already seen the fastest increase in housing prices globally over the last five years. Berlin vs. Amazon aims to replicate the success stories of New York’s ouster of Amazon in 2019, and Berlin’s recent push back against a Google Campus in Kreuzberg. Yonatan Miller, a member of the Tech Workers Coalition and Berlin vs. Amazon, will discuss the challenges and prospects of such an alliance, presenting their strategy for the struggle ahead.”

Yonatan Miller, Tech Workers Coalition, Berlin Vs Amazon

Full Program available here (8-10€): https://www.disruptionlab.org/evicted-by-greed

How to participate

It will be held online, more information to be announced.

Code of Conduct

All meetings and communications are covered under the Berlin Code of Conduct. The privacy and safety of our members is important to us. Sharing the identity of members and or taking/sharing photos are strictly forbidden unless express consent is given.

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