17:00 Monday, 13 April 2020

Organizing for Power: Coronovirus and Everything After, is a four-part on-line organizing course led by Jane McAlevey and co-hosted by the Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung, taking place online between March 30th and April 16th. The lectures will be held online (Zoom) in English with simultaneous German translation

The contents of this course are similar to a pilot Organizing for Power webinar hosted in October and November 2019, where thousands of participants from forty countries confirmed the broad need and desire to learn the strategies and tactics required to be successful in hard-to-win struggles.

In Organizing for Power: Coronavirus and Everything After, McAlevey will build on these experiences, connecting them to the current world health crisis, the surrounding political climate, and the organizing that will be necessary to prevent a further collapse into disaster capitalism and right-wing authoritarianism.


Event will be held over Zoom, a video/telephone software.


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