19:00 Thursday, 28 May 2020

Tech Workers Coalition Berlin - Learning Club

Learning is central to workersโ€™ empowerment. Without knowledge on the complex world we operate in, we are prey to the interests of those who capitalize on exploitation. Tech Worker Coalition organizes regular sessions in the form of reading groups to read and discuss articles, books and pamphlets about a variety of topics that sit on the boundary between technology critique, politics, philosophy and sociology. The role of the Tech Worker, the possible strategies and the history of worker organizations are also targets to our work.

Digitalized Workplace and surveillance

This month we are going to read an analysis from Dr. Phoebe Moore about the raise of the digitalized workplace in the last decades and the role it played in reshaping the employer/employee relationship. The focus is on how this new form of workplace enables many new and diverse forms of physical and psychosocial violence against the worker.

The Threat of Physical and Psychosocial Violence and Harassment in Digitalized Work

We expect to have the author join our conversation.

Optional Readings

BBC- Is your boss watching you? In the Balance

Employee Surveillance: The Road to Surveillance is Paved with Good Intentions

Amazon scraps secret AI recruiting tool that showed bias against women

Another World is Podable - The Revolution Continues With Dr. Phoebe Moore

How to participate

Finish the readings before hand, and download Zoom/call in.

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Code of Conduct

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