19:00 Thursday, 25 June 2020

Tech Workers Coalition Berlin - Learning Club

Learning is central to workers’ empowerment. Without knowledge on the complex world we operate in, we are prey to the interests of those who capitalize on exploitation. Tech Worker Coalition organizes regular sessions in the form of reading groups to read and discuss articles, books and pamphlets about a variety of topics that sit on the boundary between technology critique, politics, philosophy and sociology. The role of the Tech Worker, the possible strategies and the history of worker organizations are also targets to our work.

The Californian Ideology

In this session we are going to read a classic of technological critique published in the 1995: The Californian Ideology. A dry and precise analysis of the ideology that pervaded the American IT. 25 years later, this short paper is still informing our understanding of the values and thoughts behind the evolution of digital technology and the IT industry. Nonetheless the tide is turning: the people employed in the tech sector, once prey to the ideology of their élites, are moving away from the libertarian positions that once characterized this field and its narratives.


The Californian ideology

The Stark Political Divide Between Tech CEOs and Their Employees

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