10:00 Saturday, 14 November 2020

The SILENT WORKS conference brings together activists, researchers, and cultural workers from more than 20 countries to discuss different approaches to cooperative practices tackling the hidden labor in AI-capitalism.

TWC Berlin will take part in the workshop

Invisible Organization

With an algorithm as their boss, workers are prevented from meeting each other and organizing themselves. Nonetheless, they are rising up together: they abandon traditional representative structures – such as labor unions – and maintain local grassroots networks. This type of “invisible organization” was pioneered during the FIAT strikes in the 1960s and appropriated by Deliveroo riders in Great Britain (2017 et seq.). How can the invisible organization of today’s increasingly invisibilized workers be mobilized to actively shape the future of work?

The workshops are closed sessions, but results and accompanying articles will be published afterwards on the website. You can also register at info(at)berlinergazette.de to get latest news about new ressources.


Code of Conduct

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