19:00 Thursday, 15 August 2019

Tech Workers Coalition Berlin

Tech Workers have a lot of potential power to change society. Anyone who identifies as a tech worker and is interested in learning how to build collective power or get involved in a campaign is welcome. Tech Workers are currently organising against gender pay gaps, workplace harassment, surveillance technologies, amongst other things.

The third meeting of Tech Workers Coalition Berlin


Lichtenrader Strasse 12, Berlin 12049


Children are welcome. Unfortunately, it is not wheelchair accessible. We will try to ensure that future venue spaces are accessible.


  • 18:45 - Brief introduction for newer folks
  • 19:00 - Introduction, find note takers
  • 19:10 - Working Group report back from Learning Club, Communications and Web.

  • 19:25 - Climate Strike Breakout Group
    • Identify message/theme
    • Identify literature/stickers/promo material needed
    • New logo/banner?
  • 19:25 - Worker Inquiries Breakout Group
    • Gain insight into immediate steps before workplace organising
    • Have framework to identify different potential allies
  • 20:00 - Report back to group discussion

  • 20:15 - Announcements, Topics for future Meeting



Tech Workers Coalition Learning Group has its first meeting on 22 August

Web Team

  • Progress on Russian, Polish and Italian translations of the website (more translations are welcome)
  • Release is coming soon, including berlin.techworkerscoalition.org web address
  • Help with communication requested: email, twitter, transparency (e.g. minutes, etc.)
  • Facebook page coming soon
  • MatterMost (Slack alternative) collaboration group coming soon

Group Activity: Map Your Workplace

Worksheet available here

Group exercise with focus on the physical work space and drawing its layout to discover how this might affect worker solidarity and organizing

Some insights from the meeting group:

  • Note the distribution and location of managers
  • Lots of tech companies with a love for glass walls
  • Divisions in the workplace: by gender, race, German vs. non-German, between relatively privileged developers and other colleagues (e.g. call center, marketing, etc…)
  • Ways to spot allies: listen for conflicts/ complaints during breaks, notice responses to complaints at open meetings
  • Good locations for open discussion: away from managers, in large group settings, in the kitchen or other casual break spaces
  • Bad locations for open discussion: near managers’ desks/offices, where conversations can be overheard through open windows in open office spaces

Ideas for a future group activity?

  • Abstract mapping of the workplace by social/ power networks

Drawing on pink slip of paper including doors, kitchen. Drawn hearts and sad faces to represent different humans Similar diagram, with architectural layout of workplace and figures with desks representing co-workers and management

Looking Ahead

Critical Workers Union

  • Critical Radio, Live & Internet Podcast, potentially looking for guests on the show
  • Tentative date for the next session is Sept 19 (open event)
  • https://criticalworkers.noblogs.org/

Climate Strike

  • Separate working group
  • Email for communication until we get an instance of MatterMost set up
  • Looking for help with a banner, flyers, organising a bloc for the demo, participating in various events

Next TWC General Meeting (#4)

  • Tentative date of 11 September, 2019
  • Rotating facilitators found

Suggestions for future meeting topics:

  • Climate Strike
  • Gentrification
  • Social mapping of workplace by network of people
  • Tech scene in Berlin
  • Something else you want to discuss? Email us!

Code of Conduct

All meetings and communications are covered under the Berlin Code of Conduct. The privacy and safety of our members is important to us. Sharing the identity of members and or taking/sharing photos are strictly forbidden unless express consent is given.

Get involved! @TechWorkersBER