19:00 Thursday, 17 November 2022

🧚‍♂️ We cordially invite you to the monthly general meeting for the Berlin Tech Workers Coalition (TWC), where those organizing in the tech industry come together to build collective power beyond their individual workplace.

💫The main topic will be a discussion about TWC purpose and strategy.

Our monthly general meetings are usually on a Thursday and in person.

All people working in the tech industry are welcome. The event will be held in English.


📝Agenda (1,5 hours)

  • Organizing round (20 mins)
  • Strategy document discussion (25 mins)
  • Care taking check-in (10 mins)
  • Website, communication & content (10 mins)
  • Proposal for event: Role of Unions in Germany in the Tech Industry (10 mins)
  • Reproducing organizations and training (10 mins)
  • Next meeting (5 mins)

20:30 onward - enjoy some (non) alcoholic drinks 🍻🥤 and meet fellow workers


Stadtteilbüro Friedrichshain

Warschauer Str. 23
10243 Berlin


Entrance has one step with amaximum of 7 centimeter height. Most rooms are available without steps.


Code of Conduct

All meetings and communications are covered under the Berlin Code of Conduct. The privacy and safety of our members is important to us. Sharing the identity of members and or taking/sharing photos are strictly forbidden unless express consent is given.

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