11:00 Saturday, 20 August 2022

Join migrant workers in tech, aviation, and delivery at a workshop covering legal advice, organizing and history.

This event is free and there will be food! To help us with planning, please fill out the form below. We will share this info only with the event organisers.


ver.di trade union, Paula-Thiede-Ufer 10

Know your rights, powers & history: legal advice, organizing workshop & history class. 20.08.2022 11:00-18:00 ver.di: Paula-Thiede-Ufer 10. School of Transnational Organizing.

Let’s build migrant worker power

As part of the Mobile University for Migrant Workers project, Berlin migrant workers in tech, aviation, and delivery are warmly invited to:

  • explore workplace rights they can call upon to build power over labor processes and win increased control over their lives
  • situate these rights within a broader “ecology” of powers that workers can co-develop to increase influence and transformative potential
  • position contemporary migrant worker struggles within a historical continuum that contextualizes contemporary tensions and points of conflict.

Schedule and speakers

  • Schedule & speakers: 11:00 - Doors Open
  • 11:15 - Legal talk with Daniel Weidmann
  • 13:00 Lunch
  • 14:00 Ecology of Power Organizing Workshop w Mobile University for Migrant Worker Trainers
  • 15:30 Break
  • 16:00 Lessons from the History of Migrant Workers Struggles with Bernd Kasparek
  • 18:00 Wrap up

Come join us August 20 at verdi! Flink Workers Collective, ver.di, Berlin Tech Workers Coalition, and Lieferando Workers Collective. ver.di, Köpenicker Straße, Berlin

Code of Conduct

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