18:30 Thursday, 18 January 2024


How can an organization find direction without hierarchies and authorities? How can we empower our peers to take initiative and hold the “power to” without fear of them turning it into “power over”? Is care a form of leadership? How can we balance the need to get stuff done with the need to have fun? How do gender roles play out in this dynamic?

In this training, we will learn concepts and frameworks that will help us address these questions. We will explore a different way of understanding leadership, one that aims to strike a balance between effectiveness, care, empowerment, and emancipation, giving us concrete and practical tools to behave in the organizations we are part of, making them stronger and healthier.

The training consists of a 50 min lecture, followed by some journaling exercises to reflect on our ideas and past experiences of leadership using the newly-acquired concepts from the lecture.

Online Event

The training will take place online, on Zoom. RSVP here.

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