19:00 Wednesday, 21 April 2021

FAQ & info session on the pitfalls on the legal side of the job

What are your rights with regards to

  • Migrant status & work
  • Working hours & (home) office regulations
  • Privacy & surveillance on the job
  • YOUR questions & legal concerns?

Migrant and Labour Law in Tech, photo of computer with TWC and IG Metall logos in background

The German language and German labour law both can be inaccessible and daunting at times.

Trade unions here can help. A little: As IG Metall we have the rights to provide consultation and legal representation in labour law, freelancer regulation, social law, and certain, specific parts of migration & tax law connected very closely to the job.

Munich is a city of immigrants. The Munich economy relies heavily on IT, from hardware to software, development to service – all made possible by the Ausländer.

“Crunch time” in the mobile “office” and stress with the immigration offices are typical in our industry.

IG Metall is the largest self-organization of migrants in Germany and simulataneously the trade union of the tech industry. We want to introduce ourselves and provide useful support for tech workers, regardless of your passport. Counsel, organizing, and pressure on both industry and political bodies are our original strength.


Marie Bauer, DGB Bildungswerk BUND Education officer in the Federal Project “Fair Integration” & expert on migrant labour regulations

Yonatan Miller, migrant software, and Berlin TWC steering committee

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Code of Conduct

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