19:30 Thursday, 31 March 2022

What have labor struggles in the tech industry taught us? Where do we go from here?

In the past year, Berlin has seen a wave of tech worker organizing. Warehouse workers at Gorillas and other platforms have gone on strike, garnered international attention, and won meaningful improvements to working conditions. Office workers have formed workers’ councils and organized across the industry. Both sets of tech workers are organizing under conditions set by the same big tech companies. How can we help each other? And what can we do as socialists?

Warehouse and office workers organize across differences. Both balance legal approaches, like forming a workers’ council, with grassroots organizing. In both, mostly non-German workers, with various backgrounds and language skills, find ways to work together with German unions and political groups.

Many of us at DSA find ourselves and our social/political networks at these intersections. We can use our position to find common ground in tech worker struggles, and tap into our organizing power and resources.

You, too, might fit into this picture. It seems like we’re all affected by the growing power of big tech, and worker power in those companies would benefit us all.

Join DSA Berlin and our allies for a night of learning, discussion, and plugging into Berlin labor struggles. You’ll hear from several panelists, discuss in groups, and meet fellow leftists.

Panel: A group of panelists will report on their organizing work, identifying opportunities for exchange and growth. They’ll answer the question: What have labor struggles in the tech industry taught us? Where do we go from here?


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