13:00 Wednesday, 31 January 2024

For experienced and new works council members alike. We pick one specific topic each month (Pay Transparency this month) and after a short intro, share best practices and experiences with each other. Online Registration is mandatory.

Whether you formed a Works Council one week ago or 10 years ago, we want you here! We are here to support each other with advice, questions and collaboration! If there is a topic you are interested in, offer to moderate the following Works Council round-table!

Pay Transparency

Come talk with other works councils and individuals to understand what we can do to improve transparency for workers and their pay. Register here


🔦 Discuss the current state of Pay Transparency in Tech Spaces

🙋 Share ideas and current projects to fight lack of transparency and inspire each other

🗣 Leave the workshop with a plan of action

Code of Conduct

All meetings and communications are covered under the Berlin Code of Conduct. The privacy and safety of our members is important to us. Sharing the identity of members and or taking/sharing photos are strictly forbidden unless express consent is given.

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